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Welcome to the Shogun Karate Kai Dojo

Shohei-Ryu / Uechi-Ryu Karate - Chartered member of The Okikukai HQ & Uechi-Ryu GB affiliated to EKF

Latest Karate Club News!
  • The lease for the Dojo has finally been agreed, our future is secured. I would like to thank all those who helped negotiate this, Network Rail, The Judo club, Sir Roger Gale and all the members and Committee members who gave their support and time to petition on our behalf.

  • The karate kubs enjoying their second block of karate! 6 week course designed specifically for 3 – 6 year olds.  For details please contact Michelle Heath, Shogun Child Welfare Officer – email

  • We are honoured to have George E Mattson join us at our summer seminar, tickets are now available! There is a choice of 1 day or 2 day courses under ‘Events’ menu, we look forward to seeing you there, remember spaces are limited. This will go back to the core of Uechi-Ryu and is a great […]

Shogun Martial Arts School